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The major events of the conference "New Ideas in Petroleum Geology"

I. Plenary session
II. Workshops

At the conference there will be several workshops where the following topics will be discussed:

Exploration of new oil and gas basins
  • Basin analysis. Distribution of hydrocarbon resources in the Russian Arctic, Far East and Eastern Siberia basins;
  • Hydrocarbon source rocks and petroleum systems. Basin modeling;
  • Sequence stratigraphy. Resource assessments and hydrocarbon forecast.
Unconventional hydrocarbon resources in tight reservoirs
  • New ideas in exploration of shale oil. Shale oils of Bazhenov, Maikop and Domanic formations;
  • Tight reservoirs;
  • Bitumen and highly-viscous oils;
  • Gas hydrate.
Coal and gases of coal fields
  • Oil-gas-coal fields of Russia. Geochemical studies of coals;
  • Coal formations as sources of hydrocarbon;
  • Coal gases;
  • Coal petrography;
  • Rare metals in coal fields and their resource potential.